Hydraulic Turbine Flowmeters

A turbine flow meter is a volumetric metering the meter consists of a rotor and bearing assembly Suspended on a shaft, which is mounted to a support device.

This assembly is mounted inside a housing of a calibrated internal diameter. As fluid passes through the flow meter housing, the rotor will spin at a rate proportional to the volume of liquid passing through the housing. A magnetic or modulated pick-off sensor is used to detect the passage of each rotor blade and generate a frequency output. The frequency output can be read directly with the end users electronics or further processed to convert to a linear analog flow Rate output.



  • Flow Range 2 to 600 LPM
  • Line Size form ½” to 2”
  • Measurement Accuracy of ± 1% of measured value.
  • Repeatability ±0.1%.
  • Modular meter.Dual pick ups for greater accuracy.
  • Max. Static Pressure 350 bars.
  • Explosion proof Amplifier Assembly.
  • Pneumetic or electronic filling controls.
  • Meter Mounted & Remote displays.
  • Rugged Design & Reliable Functions.
  • Complete tailor made solutions to meet requirement.


Automobiles: Gear oil, Engine oil, Coolent, Windshield liquid, Hydraulic oil, Aviation fuel, Diesel, Petrol, Edible oil